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Large Nation Development Guide

Post by Alekhine on Sun May 09, 2010 11:17 pm

Large Nation Development Guide

Big nations aren’t the same as little nations. They have different needs than small nations, and are past some of the concerns that smaller nations have. This guide strives to help larger nations realize their destructive and economic potential in a way beneficial both to themselves and their alliance.


For smaller nations, infra is king. This has been beaten into them by just about any nation-building advice they’ve ever received. However, once a nation has enough infra to maintain and swap all the improvements it needs, there really isn’t much of a use for it anymore, save for the newest set of economic wonders implemented by admin a short while ago. The old mantra of a 10-1 infra to tech ratio is complete bunk in this day and age, as tech wins wars, which is all that a large nation need concern itself with past the wimpy demands placed on them by smaller nations within their alliance. In fact, once you can send out 18mil every 10 days and have enough to develop your own nation a decent bit during that time, infra serves very little intrinsic purpose. Past 14,000 infrastructure, there are no more prerequisites to hit, and therefore all further infra beyond that point is pretty much just a way to gain more NS, and a pretty inefficient method at that. As discussed more thoroughly below, the ideal infra-tech ratio for larger nations is more in the range of 1.5-1 or even 1-1. In a wartime situation, infra levels only affect the ground battle strength of the defender, a paltry benefit when compared to the benefits given by higher tech levels.


Technology is the single most important item in a large nation’s arsenal, straight up. It also happens to be the most economical to purchase, given the relative ease and low prices prevalent in tech deals. Taken straight from the Cyber Nations Information Page: “Having a higher technology level allows you to equip your soldiers and tanks with better weapons and gear. Technology is the most important bonus in ground battles compared to the bonuses for defending infrastructure and defending land area. The technology bonus effect works for both attacking and defending nations and adds bonuses to each nations battle odds.” This even discounts tech’s bonuses to damage from ALL other forms of attacks, and leaves out the economic benefits granted from reduced payments on those infra bills. Speaking of bills, infrastructure accounts for about 90% of a nation’s daily bill payment, technology will always account for 0%, making it the best investment a large nation can make. Additionally, with the usage of a Great University and a Scientific Development Center, all those additional levels of tech greatly increase your population happiness, increasing the amount of money you make from collected taxes (this to be discussed further in the section regarding Wonders). Military wonders such as the Weapons Research Center greatly increase the tech damage bonus in war, granting yet more bonuses to the tech heavy nation.


Most other nation development guides say that land is useless once you get your population density down. This is quite simply not true. A minimum of 3000 land purchased is needed for the Agriculture Development Program, a fairly decent economic wonder, certainly one worth getting at some point. More importantly, land affects both the defender’s ground battle odds and the defender’s spy defense odds, something that’s worth paying a lot of attention to in the long run. Land is nowhere as important as technology, and doesn’t quite measure up to infrastructure, but you shouldn’t blatantly ignore it as a factor to a healthy nation. Now, Land isn’t worth buying at certain points, its just too damned expensive to be worth it. However, raiding for it IS a legitimate strategy, although not in this alliance. So, for all intents and purposes here, Land isn’t worth it, but only because you can’t raid to get per alliance regulations.


Wonders make or break large nations, particularly in times of war. Without an SDI, a nation is hung out to dry. Without a WRC, a nation can get pounded by a tech heavy opponent. As such, wonder considerations make up the largest part of large nation strategy. The relative illiquid nature of wonders means that a mistake in purchasing a wonder will take at least a month to correct, a grievous error, particularly when on the brink of military action. Here is a list of wonders and their effects, taken straight from the Cyber Nations Information Page. Following the list is a detailed description of its uses and relative importance, as well as a general suggestion about when to buy it.

• Agriculture Development Program - $30,000,000 - Increases land size by 15%, Increases citizen income +$2.00, Increases the citizen-bonus for land from 0.2 to 0.5. Requires 3,000 land purchased, 500 technology.
• Anti-Air Defense Network - $50,000,000 - Reduces odds of incoming aircraft attacks against your nation -25%. Reduces aircraft attack damages against your nation -10%.
• Central Intelligence Agency - $40,000,000 - Increases the number of spies that your nation can support +250 and increases your nation's spy attack strength +10%. Only viewable by the user who owns it.
• Disaster Relief Agency - $40,000,000 - The disaster relief agency helps restore your nation and its people after emergency situations. Increases population +3% and opens one extra foreign aid slot.
• Fallout Shelter System - $40,000,000 - Allows 50% of your defending soldiers to survive a nuclear strike (Does not prevent nuclear Anarchy but does prevent troops from being totally depleted), Reduces tank, cruise missile, and aircraft, losses from a nuclear strike by -25%, Reduces nuclear vulnerable navy losses by 12%, Reduces nuclear anarchy effects by 1 day. Requires 6,000 infrastructure, 2,000 technology.
• Federal Aid Commission - $25,000,000 - Raises the cap on foreign money aid +50% provided that the foreign aid recipient also has a Federal Aid Commission wonder. Allows two nations with the Federal Aid Commission wonder to send secret foreign aid. Secret foreign aid costs the sender 200% the value of the items that is sent.
• Foreign Air Force Base - $35,000,000 - Raises the aircraft limit +20 for your nation and increases the number of aircraft that can be sent in each attack mission +20.
• Great Monument - $35,000,000 - The great monument is a testament to your great leadership. Increases happiness +4 and your population will always be happy with your government choice.
• Great Temple - $35,000,000 - The great temple is a dedicated shrine to your national religion. Increases happiness +5 and your population will always be happy with your religion choice.
• Great University - $35,000,000 - The great university is a central location for scholars within your nation. Decreases technology costs -10% and increases population happiness +.2% (+2 for every 1000) of your nation's technology level over 200 up to 3,000 tech.
• Hidden Nuclear Missile Silo - $30,000,000 - Allows your nation to develop +5 nuclear missiles that cannot be destroyed in spy attacks. (Nations must first be nuclear capable in order to purchase nukes.)
• Internet - $35,000,000 - Provides Internet infrastructure throughout your nation. Increases population happiness +5.
• Interstate System - $45,000,000 - The interstate system allows goods and materials to be transported throughout your nation with greater ease. Decreases initial infrastructure cost -8% and decreases infrastructure upkeep costs -8%.
• Manhattan Project - $100,000,000 - The Manhattan Project allows nations below 5% of the top nations in the game to develop nuclear weapons. The Manhattan Project cannot be destroyed once it is created. The wonder requires 3,000 infrastructure, 300 technology, and a uranium resource.
• Mars Base - $100,000,000 + (6,000 * (Nation Strength - (Technology Purchased * 2))) - Reduces infrastructure cost and bills -3%. Provides a gradually increasing happiness bonus that peaks at +6 happiness at the end of the life of the wonder. Expires at 1,200 days. Cannot build Moon wonders if you build Mars wonders. Requires Space Program.
• Mars Colony - $100,000,000 + (5,000 * (Nation Strength - (Technology Purchased * 2))) - Stores 5% of citizen count at time of purchase. Provides a gradually increasing happiness bonus that peaks at +4 happiness at the end of the life of the wonder. Expires at 900 days. Relocating your Mars Colony gives you the option to reset the stored citizen count based on your current citizen population for a fee. Cannot build Moon wonders if you build Mars wonders. Requires Space Program and Mars Base.
• Mars Mine - $100,000,000 + (5,000 * (Nation Strength - (Technology Purchased * 2))) - Provides access to a randomly selected bonus resource of Basalt, Sodium, Magnesium, or Potassium. Provides a gradually increasing happiness bonus that peaks at +4 happiness at the end of the life of the wonder. Expires at 900 days. Relocating your Mars Mine gives you the option to randomly select a new Mars resource for a fee. Cannot build Moon wonders if you build Mars wonders. Requires Space Program and Mars Base.
• Mining Industry Consortium - $25,000,000 - Increases population income by $2.00 for the resources Coal, Lead, Oil, Uranium that your nation has access to. Requires 5,000 infrastructure, 3,000 land purchased, 1,000 technology.
• Moon Base - $50,000,000 + (3,000 * (Nation Strength - (Technology Purchased * 2))) - Reduces infrastructure cost and bills -4%. Provides +5 happiness that degrades over the life of the wonder. Expires at 600 days. Cannot build Mars wonders if you build Moon wonders. Requires Space Program.
• Moon Colony - $50,000,000 + (2,500 * (Nation Strength - (Technology Purchased * 2))) - Stores 6% of citizen count at time of purchase. Provides +3 happiness that degrades over the life of the wonder. Expires at 450 days. Relocating your Moon Colony gives you the option to reset the stored citizen count based on your current citizen population for a fee. Cannot build Mars wonders if you build Moon wonders. Requires Space Program and Moon Base.
• Moon Mine - $50,000,000 + (2,500 * (Nation Strength - (Technology Purchased * 2))) - Provides access to a randomly selected bonus resource of Silicon, Titanium, Radon, or Calcium. Provides +3 happiness that degrades over the life of the wonder. Expires at 450 days. Relocating your Moon Mine gives you the option to randomly select a new Moon resource for a fee. Cannot build Mars wonders if you build Moon wonders. Requires Space Program and Moon Base.
• Movie Industry - $26,000,000 - The movie industry provides a great source of entertainment to your people. Increases population happiness +3.
• National Environment Office - $100,000,000 - The national environment office removes the penalties for Coal, Oil, and Uranium when a nation imports them, improves environment by 1 point, increases population +3%, and reduces infrastructure upkeep -3%. Requires 13,000 infrastructure.
• National Research Lab - $35,000,000 - The national research lab is a central location for scientists seeking cures for common diseases among your population. Increases population +5% and decreases technology costs -3%.
• National War Memorial - $27,000,000 - The war memorial allows your citizens to remember its fallen soldiers. This improvement is only available to nations that have lost over 50,000 soldiers during war throughout the life of your nation. Increases population happiness +4.
• Nuclear Power Plant - $75,000,000 - The nuclear power plant allows nations to receive Uranium financial bonus (+$3 citizen income +$0.15 per technology level up to 30 technology levels. Requires an active Uranium trade.) even when maintaining nuclear weaponry. The nuclear power plant by itself, even without a Uranium trade, reduces infrastructure upkeep -5%, national wonder upkeep -5%, and improvement upkeep -5%. Requires 12,000 infrastructure, 1,000 technology, and a Uranium resource to build. Nations that develop the Nuclear Power Plant must keep their government position on nuclear weapons set to option 2 or 3.
• Pentagon - $30,000,000 - The Pentagon serves as your nation's headquarters for military operations. Increases attacking and defending ground battle strength +20%.
• Scientific Development Center - $150,000,000 - The scientific development center increases the productivity of your factories from -8% infrastructure cost to -10% infrastructure cost, increases the productivity of your universities from +8% citizen income to +10% citizen income, allows the Great University to give its technology happiness bonus up to 5,000 technology levels (+2 happiness each 1,000 technology levels). Requires 14,000 infrastructure, 3,000 technology, Great University, National Research Lab.
• Social Security System - $40,000,000- The social security system provides benefits to aging members of your nation. Allows you to raise taxes above 28% up to 30% without additional happiness penalties.
• Space Program - $30,000,000 - The space program sends your astronauts to the moon and beyond. Increases happiness +3, lowers technology cost -3% and lowers aircraft cost -5%.
• Stock Market - $30,000,000 - The stock market provides a boost to your economy. Increases citizen income +$10.00.
• Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) - $75,000,000 - Reduces odds of a successful nuclear attack against your nation by 60%. The SDI wonder also requires 3 satellites and 3 missile defenses and those satellites and missile defenses cannot be deleted once the wonder is developed.
• Universal Health Care - $100,000,000 - A Universal Health Care program increases population +3% and increases population happiness +2. Requires 11,000 infrastructure, Hospital, National Research Lab.
• Weapons Research Complex - $150,000,000 - Increases the technology bonus to damage from 0.01% to 0.02% per technology level, Increases the number of nukes that can be purchased per day to 2, hurts environment by +1, Increases the purchase costs of all military by 0.01% per technology level. Requires 8,500 infrastructure, 2,000 technology, National Research Lab, Pentagon Wonder.

Agriculture Development Program --- A pretty good economic wonder, as stated above. Definitely a help for nations who take the big land approach to NS pumping. For nations still concerned with building up their land, it makes a decent 8th choice, although there are definitely better choices available for nations not particularly concerned with land.
Anti-Air Defense Network --- A defensive economic wonder. As these go, definitely nothing compared to a Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). However, for the later stages of development, it doesn’t hurt to have, especially if you want to round out your military powerhouse.
Central Intelligence Agency --- The nature of the CIA is such that its level of necessity is determined by the other nations who have one, but it is, of course, only viewable to the nation that owns it. It is a good wonder to have, and particularly complements a nation that has already committed itself to high spy success (through land, etc.) Its difficult to place the CIA definitively in the list of wonders, but it’s a midrange military wonder.
Disaster Relief Agency --- An essential must for any nation. The extra aid slot allows the owner to participate in two 3x3 tech deals at once, a huge help in quickly acquiring technology. This is probably the 4th wonder any nation should purchase.
Fallout Shelter System --- A garbage wonder. Nuclear anarchy means very little in the age of huge warchests, and an extra day there means very little in the long run. The damage reductions are nice, but this wonder should only be bought if you have EVERY other wonder, save perhaps the Federal Aid Commission (see below).
Federal Aid Commission --- Worst wonder in the game. Completely not worth it. Not enough nations have this wonder for it to be useful at all. Don’t bother with this, it isn’t worth the upkeep.
Foreign Air Force Base --- Pretty good military wonder. Usefulness is perhaps down a little bit since the advent of the aircraft carrier, but still a pretty good wonder overall. Perhaps the 4th best military wonder, would recommend purchasing it after SDI, Pentagon and WRC.
Great Monument --- Good economic wonder. It allows nations to keep their government on Monarchy in peace time and Transitional during war time. Would recommend purchasing this as the 5th overall wonder.
Great Temple --- Decent economic wonder. It’s only a glorified stadium though, much like the Internet (in fact, the two wonders are essentially exactly the same, save role-playing considerations). Would recommend as perhaps another economic wonder after a nation has developed the necessary economic and military wonders.
Great University --- Good economic wonder, particularly for nations who take the tech-heavy approach to nation building. As it is essential to building a Scientific Development Center, this wonder is really a must. Would recommend buying this after the first few military wonders.
Hidden Nuclear Missile Silo --- The HNMS isn’t really a necessary military wonder. It can be nice, but most of the time the 5 additional nukes won’t make much of a difference, especially if one has a WRC, so this isn’t a major priority for most nations. For a prolonged war situation, it is a major plus however, so if you think that a long duration nuclear war is on the horizon, this is a good pickup.
Internet --- See Great Temple. Not a great wonder, but workable.
Interstate System --- Excellent economic wonder. The cost saving power on infra is astounding, especially if one plans to go up to 14,000 infra for some of the fancier wonders. This is a must have, and should be the 3rd wonder purchased for any nation.
Manhattan Project --- Good military wonder, and not just for nations aspiring to get nukes and are outside the 5%. The option of nuking all the way down to ZI is one that could become important in the life of any nation. Even nations in the top 5% should buy one, because involvement in a nuclear war will almost surely knock you out of the top 5%. This is probably the 2nd military wonder, after the SDI.
Mining Industry Consortium --- An average economic wonder. If your permanent trade set has all the appropriate connected resources, give it a try. By no means is this a must, and it shouldn’t be purchased until all the necessary military and economic wonders have been obtained. For nations that are unlikely to have all the necessary trades, this is not worth it at all.
Movie Industry --- See Great Temple and Internet. Now, make it worse, and you have the Movie Industry. Not worth your time unless you have nothing else to build.
National Environment Office --- A good economic wonder for big infra nations who have the affected resources. Once you get that big, you’ll have all the other wonders, and it’s definitely worth the build.
National Research Lab --- A fairly good economic wonder, although this effect is greatly overshadowed by the fact that the WRC requires it. Must have for a nation getting strong, would recommend buying after SDI.
National War Memorial --- See Great Temple, Internet, and Movie Industry for more information regarding glorified Stadiums. This one is fairly cheap, so a smaller nation needing an economic wonder but can’t afford a fancy one may wish to purchase this, particularly if they started building wonders early in their nation development.
Nuclear Power Plant --- Good economic wonder. A must buy when one reaches 12,000 infrastructure. Some very good effects, even if one is missing the uranium trade (which, as a large, presumably nuclear, large nation, one shouldn’t be).
Pentagon --- By itself, an average military wonder and not really worth it to most nations. However, because WRC’s require it, it is now a must-have second military wonder. The bonus it gives is pretty good, but the ability to buy a WRC later is where the Pentagon’s benefit really is.
Scientific Development Center --- The granddaddy of economic wonders. Once you meet the requirements, a must buy. The economic benefits are just golden.
Social Security System --- Excellent economic wonder. Doesn’t get much better than that. However, it is the 2nd wonder one should buy.
Space Program --- Essentially a glorified stadium, as the technology effect is worthless to large nations. Now that the Moon and Mars wonders exist, this is a prerequisite for them, so it may be worth the buy. However, the Moon and Mars wonders don’t appear to be worth their costs for most nations, so unless Admin brings in some other incentive to build them, this isn’t a priority.
Stock Market --- Rock solid economic wonder. 1st wonder any nation should buy, as it is a guaranteed benefit to all nations, regardless of their relative size.
Strategic Defense Initiative --- Best military wonder in the game. A must have for any nation that is within attack range of a nuclear-enabled nation. Probably the 5th or 6th wonder to purchase overall, definitely the 1st military wonder.
Universal Health Care --- Good economic wonder. Once the prerequisites are met, a must buy.
Weapons Research Complex --- Great military wonder, as explained above. Should be the 3rd military wonder purchased. These things win wars, straight up.

Moon and Mars wonders not included in this list because I haven’t seen enough analysis of them to make a good enough judgment on their effectiveness, although I stated my personal opinion in my description for the Space Program.

So, the beginning of any nation’s wonder progression should look something like this:
Stock Market
Social Security System
Interstate System
Disaster Relief Agency
Great Monument
Strategic Defense Initiative
National Research Lab

After this, it gets a little murky depending on whether you are optimizing for economics or military, but given enough time, things fall into place.

Large nations can do a little bit more in-depth type of improvement swapping because of wonders, etc. while still maintaining their peak readiness for war.
1. Buy Labor Camps and Guerilla Camps. Set your government to Transitional. Set DEFCON to 1 and Threat Level to SEVERE.
2. Pay bills for 20 days.
3. Destroy Labor Camps and Guerilla Camps.
4. Set government to Democracy, DEFCON to 5, Threat Level to Low.
5. Collect Taxes.
6. Repeat.
This process gives the best economic ability to collect, while still maintaining war readiness.

As a large nation, the paltry amounts demanded in the way of military bills are really nothing to be concerned with. As such, maintaining the maximum amount in Air Force, Navy, and Nukes is accepted practice. Maintaining extra soldiers and tanks is still pointless, however.

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