Improvement Swapping Guide

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Improvement Swapping Guide

Post by Alekhine on Sun May 09, 2010 11:15 pm

Guide to Improvement Swapping
Improvement Swapping is a method of making the maximum amount of money from tax collection by exploiting the features of some of the improvements in the game. Nations who have 1999.99 infra should do this if they are willing and able to put in the commitment to it.
Improvement swapping works around the labor camp. Remember that the labor camp decreases infra upkeep by 10% for each one you have, but also decreases your population happiness by 1 point. The basic idea of improvement swapping is to take full advantage of the bill-reducing effects of labor camps while avoiding the negative effects that it has on your tax collection. Note that now that the deletion script has been moved from 20 days to 25 days, but the maximum tax collection is still set at 20 days, it is now profitable to swap for a full 20 days.
1. Calculate the cost of 20 days of bill payments, with the labor camp effects included.
2. Save up at least enough money to cover these bills, preferably more than this amount.
3. Make sure you won’t be forced by your alliance to collect taxes before the 20 days are up.
1. If you don’t have 5 labor camps, buy them. If you have to destroy some other improvements, destroy churches, police headquarters, banks, or stadiums.
2. Set your DEFCON to 1 and your Threat Level to SEVERE. The happiness penalties won’t affect you since you won’t be collecting taxes, and it will make you less vulnerable to attack.
3. Pay your bills for 20 days. Do not collect taxes during this time period. Do not accidentally wait an extra day, as this maxes out after 20 days.
4. On the last day, after you pay bills, spend the rest of your money buying infra. Or, if you are saving up money for an infra jump and won’t have enough money yet to make the jump, don’t buy infra. Or, if you’re a large nation disinterested in buying infra, don’t do it either.
5. Destroy your labor camps, and buy back your banks or stadiums. If you can buy other income/happiness increasing improvements, do so.
6. Switch DEFCON to 5 and Threat Level to Low.
7. Collect taxes. Revel in the large amount.
8. Buy back your labor camps. If you need to destroy banks and stadiums again, do so.
9. Repeat steps 2-6.
This method will net you much more money than the “conventional” way of collecting taxes and paying bills each day.

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