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Economics Guide

Post by Alekhine on Sun May 09, 2010 11:11 pm

Cybernations Economic Guide

Before anything else

~ Set your nation to ‘War is an option’
~ Set yourself to Defcon 5
~ Set yourself to threat level low
~ Set your tax rate to 28%

Government Positions

~ For question 1 choose option 2
~ For question 2 choose option 2
~ For question 3 choose either option 2 or 3
~ For question 4 choose either option 1 or 2
~ For question 5 choose either option 2 or 3
~ For question 6 choose option 1
~ For question 7 choose either option 1 or 2
~ For question 8 choose option 1

~ When nuke capable be sure to switch question 2 to allow nuke purchasing
~ Set your religion to what your people want (easily checked with the Religion guide)
~ Set your government type to the type suggested by the Government guide for your particular situation


~ Sort out your trades. ALWAYS trade with people on your own colour sphere, and try to get a setup as close to one of the following as possible.
~ Work towards achieving one of the following trade setups (a Harbour improvement is required for all of the following setups)

~ Visit to see the effect on your nation of any given trade setup
~ For nuclear capable nations, replace Gems with Uranium in set 1, Silver with Uranium in set 2, Sugar with Uranium in Set 3, Fish for Uranium in Set 4, and Furs for Uranium in Set 5. (Note that these are the old icons for the resources, and that many of them have now changed.)
~ Also, CyberNations now has its own in-game Resource Calculator Tool, accessible through the World Statistics and Tools link in the World Menu.


~ Infrastructure is the most important thing in the game to your nation. It increases your population count and therefore your income
~ Always buy infra structure in blocks of 10. This is the cheapest way to do it, so save up and buy 10 infra at a time
~ When you reach the infra jumps at 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 8000 and 12000 the cost of your infra upkeep will dramatically increase. Go to CN_infrajump_calculator.xls.html. Input your nation’s information. This will tell you how much money is needed to successfully overcome the deficit caused by the increase in your bills. Save up this quantity of money and make your infra purchases in one hit (this could be several hundred infra at once) to ensure lots of profit.


~ Only purchase tech in blocks of 10 (like Infra). Do not bother purchasing tech until you are around 1000 infra. It is then advisable to maintain a tech level of 10% that of your infra (for example 1000 infra you should aim to have 100 tech). This is true only for nations with less than 4999.99 infra. After that, it is advisable to have at least half of your infra level in tech, because of the great military benefits in doing so.
~ It is highly inadvisable for larger nations to buy their own tech, past around 100 levels. After that it is much more profitable to buy it from smaller nations via. Tech deals.
~ Small nations can make a great deal of profit via. Tech deals.

~Purchase land to ensure your population density keeps your citizens happy.
~ Land also gives you more citizens, as well as increase your nation strength and spy odds.
~ Certain Wonders require specific land amounts to purchase.
~ Generally speaking, in most cases it isn’t worth it to purchase more land than is enough to keep yourself under the population density limit.


~ Improvements are available as 1 for every 1000 citizens in your nation. Below is the best order for improvement purchasing.

~ 1 Harbour
~ 1 Foreign Ministry
~ 5 Factories
~ 5 Stadiums
~ 3 Schools
~ 2 Universities
~ Then sell 2 Factories and Purchase 2 Clinics and 1 Hospital
~ This will increase your population count enough to buy back your 2 Factories
~ 2 Schools
~ 3 Clinics
~ 5 Police Headquarters
~ 5 Labor Camps
~ 5 Intelligence Agencies
~ 5 Churches
~ 5 Missile Defences
~ 5 Satellites
~ 5 Barracks
~ 5 Border Walls
~ 5 Shipyards
~5 Drydocks
~3 Naval Construction Yards
~ Only purchase Naval Academies if you are at war and have 2 free slots!
~ Only purchase Guerrilla Camps if you are at war and have 5 free slots!

~ This order is subject to change, especially if one is going to be receiving lots of aid, or is to be coached through improvement swapping.
~ Nations might consider buying border walls before Barracks if the threat of war is low and it would be economically beneficial for their nation to do so.


~Wonders are very expensive, high powered improvements that benefit large nations. Wonders can be purchased one every 30 days, and have no citizen requirements.
~ Wonders should be purchased starting at 4999.99 infrastructure, and continue to be purchased at the rate of one per 30 days, or as is economically feasible.
~ Here is the order wonders should be bought in:
~ Stock Market
~ Social Security System
~ Interstate System
~ Disaster Relief Agency
~ Great Monument
~ At this point, the suggested order breaks down. Between the remaining economic wonders and the military wonders, from here on in it’s a matter of preference and your nation’s specific stats.
~ One necessity: once in the range of nuclear capable nations, a Strategic Defense Initiative is a must.

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